Direct Hard Money Lender for Commercial Real Estate Loans

Private Money Program- Asset Based In-House Lending


• LTV up to 70% (75% ltv case-by-case)
• Loan Term: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 years

• Interest Only or Amortized Over 30 or 40 Years
• Interest Rates: 8.99% to 12.5% Risk Base Pricing
• No Prepay Penalties- (We Use Our Own Money So Faster We Are Paid Back The Better)
• Cross Collateralize for Maximum Loan Amounts
• Not Fico Based, Bad Fico or No Fico OK
• DSCR: NO Minimum Debt Service Ratio
• Sole Proprietorship, LLC or Corporation
• No Occupancy Minimum/Vacancy OK
• No Upfront Fees Ever!
• Low Pricing Available/Risk-Based Pricing

• Stated Income/Siva/No Doc
• After Repair Value Allowed/Future Value OK/No Reserves Needed
• No title seasoning/Next Day Value Ok/Non-Recourse Option

• BK Chapter 7,11,13 OK/Debtor in Possession Program

• No Net Worth or Liquidity Requirements

• No Appraisal Needed Program

​• No Min or Max Loan Amounts/Interest Only Option

• Close Loan in 7-10 Days

For details, email me at; or call me at: 407.928.8542

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