Direct Hard Money Commercial Real Estate Property Financing

Winston Rowe & Associates

Winston Rowe and Associates provides their clients with access to the most advanced hard money loan products in the commercial real estate industry.

Winston Rowe and Associates is a unique type of commercial real estate finance firm, they do not charge any upfront fees like their competitors to review or perform due diligence for your transaction.

Advantages of No Upfront Fee Private Capital Loans from Winston Rowe and Associates:

All commercial property types considered, however no raw land please

No advance fees


Fast, reliable capital for time sensitive and opportunistic transactions

Capital for transitional or non-stabilized assets; can accommodate holdbacks for real estate that requires tenant improvements and leasing commissions or construction completion

Discounted Payoff Financing, no new cash required

Capital to owners repurchasing their existing debt

Capital to owners cashing out of one property to purchase another property

Capital for the acquisition of individual or pools of notes

Winston Rowe and Associates has some of the most aggressive rates and terms available, while managing every step of the financing through their advisory and due diligence processes from document collection to commitment negotiation and closing.

Winston Rowe and Associates always welcomes the opportunity to speak with clients directly. The can be contacted at 248-246-2243 or visit them on line at

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