Direct Commercial Hard Money Loans Low Interest Rates

Winston Rowe & Associates

In the constantly evolving private capital markets there is a firm that stands out.

It’s Winston Rowe and Associates, a national no advance fee advisory firm that specializes in commercial real estate investors that need solutions that traditional banks and institutions can’t provide.

They strive to build deep and lasting relationships with their clients, allowing them to focus not only on individual transactions but on furthering the client's overall business goals.

Winston Rowe & Associates is comprised of industry veterans, that prospective clients can speak directly too.

They can be contacted at 248-246-2243 or visit them online at

Commercial Hard Money Deployment Objectives:

National Coverage

Capital Deployment Starts at $1,000,000.

Purchase, Cash Out and Refinance

Interest Rates Starting at 6.5%

No Upfront or Advance Fees to Process Your Transaction

Expert Portfolio Repositioning

Debtor in Possession Financing

Discount Note Payoff Financing

All Commercial Property Types Considered

As a leading private money provider they produce fast and reasonable real estate loans that enable clients to close quickly on a commercial or residential investment property.

Winston Rowe & Associates welcomes commercial real estate loans that exceed conventional lending standards, because they can produce custom metrics that make it possible to structure real estate loans around individual financial circumstances.

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