I saw many individual or group claimed funding million to billion. So I wonder if anyone got fund from any of this individual or group. If you did please let us know which one. Thanks in advance.

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I have an issue with someone blatantly telling me they want money from me; especially in an open forum when we have NO business to conduct...It is beyond unprofessional, and rather tacky...

I think that you have issues alright.

I'm sure anyone you can't SCAM has issues...I told you I AM NOT PAYING YOU A DIME  so find someone else to try that on, it won't work here...GOODBYE

what ?


What if our business has only been going for 4 months and not able to find any funding  for properties?
 I am not finding many lenders who will lend to  us investors in Idaho.  If you have any additional information that you could send, please do.  warmhomeproperties@gmail.com  I will also check your website

Contact me at TequilaSunrise64@Hotmail.com; and if you could provide me with an Executive Summary, that would be most helpful, and I'll be able to help you out...Namaste'

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Dear Greg:  Did your group fund anyone from here? If your group did, then whom?



We are have funded and are in the process of funding members of this site!  Check out Instant Funder on the lending page. 

I strongly believe and know that 98% "not all"  of these so called group whom say they are capable of funding millions or billions are unreal and just fishing. Some of them are real scammers.They are just interested in getting up fron money and now you chase them all over town. Good luck.

Adrian, With all due respect, I believe you do a great disservice to those of us (as well as this excellent site) who are using "Best Business Practices" and "Transparency" without upfront or Junk Fee', etc. by making such a gross generalization.  We have many satisfied repeat Borrowers that we do business with from this excellent site.  Where do you get a figure of 98% - have you done a survey? 

I would have to agree; I have yet to find anyone on this site who is about anything but running their mouth and trying to waste time to do NOTHING....A lot of talkers, but no real doers....


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