I saw many individual or group claimed funding million to billion. So I wonder if anyone got fund from any of this individual or group. If you did please let us know which one. Thanks in advance.

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Shawn what kind of project do you need funding for?

I have several funding options, but I need to know a few specifics.

Joey Starkey

Hi Joey:

We need funding for construction multifamily in Orange County California. Amount from $1M up to $10M, If you can show me the money then I will be happy to sit down with you or your source.



That website does not appear to exist

Here's another FAKE for all of you...CONTACT ME before any of you fall for anyone's BS...This loser is going to get served with a slander suit on Monday....


Thanks for the warning. Just like I said: Show me the money then we talk. 

They are EVERYWHERE Sweetie; and they don't get past me...I can't believe anyone would fly around the country chasing rainbows, it blows my mind to see how easily people get played...

Hi Shawn,

What are you trying fund? We may be able to help depending on the project.

If interested, please contact me.

April Fletcher



Hi April & Joey:  

We have several projects for single family home as well as commercial in Orange County. We're looking for investors to help us finance.from $1M up up to $5M with a great ROI.   


Hi Shawn,

We have programs with private investors who focus on hard money for residential and commercial projects in California. If this is of interest, we'd be happy to take a look at your projects.

April Fletcher


I have NEVER gotten even on one dollar in funding. About nine (9) months ago, I emptied out my bank account to go to Malaysia & London to meet funding investors. I spent 3 days in Malaysia, met an 'Asian gentleman' who represented himself very well. He promised us the US $6M we requested. Funding was to start 30 days after  June 1, 2012. The next leg of the journey was to London. I was supposed to spend 3 days / nights there, only spent 2 days & nites. I never saw any of the people I was supposed to meet. Everything was done via cell-phone & e-mails & text messages. The "PHANTOMS" in England ONLY wanted MONEY. "And send it to them via Western Union".

Until now not even one dollar has come from the Investor that was supposed to be a sure bet. Since that time I've gone online and checked them out. Apparently they promised a lot of people a lot of money, and must have run into problems of their own as they never delivered. One thing is sure is that they never took any money from anyone. They never delivered any money to anyone.



Beware of those promises.  If they're legit, then they had to fly here to inspect the project (common sense) before they put up any money. You can find many big shot in here, that why you have to filter them out. People with money don't talk like that especially now a day. Bottom line, Show me the money then we talk.

Shawn i work for a company called Eastern Union Funding. I dont know if you've heard of us, why dont you check out our website and give me a call if you are interested afterwards.

Website- easternuc.com

Im sure you will like what you see call my cell anytime-917-568-1667

Looking forward,

Michael Golomb


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