Custom Home or Production Home

When planning a new home many find themselves faced with the decision of choosing custom
homes or what is referred to as a production home. The main difference is that custom homes
come from small builders and architects, and production homes come from a high-volume home
builder. Which is the best for the buyers depends on a few things.

While both variations are great options, the choice will depend on the amount of advice the
buyers would like to make. Either way they'll have a relationship with the builder. Here is
the basic difference between the two choices - A production builder will erect multiple
homes using preset plans and some customizations like appliances, countertops, flooring and
cabinetry. A custom homes builder creates a completely different home that presents buyers
with a huge range of design options for the lot that they get. Read on to learn a bit more
about each.

Production Builders

For those that feel production builders will be their best bet, they'll have to choose
between a local or a national company. Local builders have set communities in a city, while
national builders erect up to thousands of homes every year. It's a similar process just on
a larger scale. Some of the bonuses of using production builders are:

Land and home packages for simplification
Many plans to choose from
Set styles and designs to browse from
Offer a price range for every type of buyer

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