Looking for private funding, bridge loan, possible equity partner for approved subdivision that is mixed use, needs to be re-engineered to accommodate large scale housing project. Currently private funded, and party wants out. I am not looking for 'consultants' or middlemen, and also not amenable to upfront fees, site/inspection fees. I understand funding costs, and they can be paid at closing/funding.

Seeking approx $550k

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send me your email.

we provide fund fr businesses.

I'm a strategic referral partner with NYC Commercial Funding Conduit which secures; national and international, recourse and non-recourse, commercial funding for highly qualified borrowers from 100k to no upper limit.


My role is to send out the correct loan worksheet. This needs to be completely and accurately filled out by the borrower. I submit this worksheet to the NYC analyst team for a preliminary funding proposal. If the borrower wishes to proceed to a closing we prepare the Final and Official Funding Offer as issued to us by our selected lender.


NOTE: To this point there is no fee, retainer, due diligence or and other “UP FRONT” costs of any kind. Notice how the borrower pays nothing until after they get their Final and Official Funding Offer as issued to us by our selected lender. It is only at this point that we feel we have earned our $2,500 ($5,000 if international) fee for retaining that selected lender on the borrower’s behalf.


Kindest Regards;

James W. Peterson



My client is a family office that offer these types of loans.  Please email an executive summary at bsugar@uhlaw.com.

 Please email me information @ salvarez4@ymail.com I am also based in Ct and have a lender that is in Ma this would be right up there alley.



860-585-0580 home/office

860-940-7309 cell

I maybe able to help. Please feel free email me at tnjenterprises@sc.rr.com. An executive Summary and anyother details you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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