Credit repair, quick and easy. Live credit monitoring login, to provide real time proof of deletions

I have a time test and proven process to remove any and all types of negative items, in a timely manner. Not this old school process, that everyone is using, right now.

I can remove tax liens, student loans, child support, foreclosures, late payments, judgement's, publiuc records, hard inquires, bankruptcy etc. Don't let these so called credit repair services, drag out your credoit reapir for one to one and ahlf years, just to collect the monthly payments. We take all the stress out of the process. For one flat fee of 200.00 for up to 15 items, each item after 15 will be an additional 15.00.


I have a client, that has had her credit score jump 82 points, in 3 days and by next week, it will all be removed. She is so excited , that she allowed me to provide her credit monitoring login, for a limited time. Just so new clients can know it works and she is trying to help as many people as possible, get out of the credit crunch..


Email me with any questions and/or login proof. If I find that the login information is floating around the internet, I will have her change the password. So any brokers looking for a good service, just come to me. I have it priced that anyone, can use my service and still make a living.

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