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I'm in search of credit partners and cash partner interested in earning 8-12% on their money and profit share. If you or you know of some who is interested then I would like to talk more either by phone or Skype.

  • You money and investment is secured by Wholesale Real Estate with you as Title Holder
  • ARV Profit is 25-30% average with full appraisal ( Tight 3 mile radius less than 90 days comparison of Homes sold in 3 mile radius )
  • I pay all closing fees and title insurance.
  • If you're looking for cash-flow then I GUARANTEE monthly / quarterly / yearly payments no matter vacancy.

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Why does the start of this post and the paragraph looks so much like the over seas switch and baits that go on for those who have been approached before in the past. Excuse me Wilmar if you are a real person but from experience whether you're a broker or actual lender I would place a direct number, video, business email, skype, etc,. - being from reading this email that I just received tagged to an original post I made in the past. Others also have not shown no response on your page. BUYERS BE AWARE. I may not have all the programs that everyone here is looking for but at the least you can call my number with honest answer no matter what it stated on my pages, sites,etc.

If I made a mistake I apologize in advance. Just warning from experience and also one who lost money a long time ago from wording that are similar. Nicholas Brown 214-702-3478


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