Good Day,

I am seeking a private lender for obtaining a credit line of $100,000 for the purpose purchasing properties for Fix/Flip.  My partner and I have found a deal that is requiring us to purchase 5 properties for one price of $50,000, we have viewed the properties and and only three are worth rehabbing and placing back on the market. The remaining two we intend to place them on the market Cash Sale/Sold as Is.  the remaining three after rehab market value would be between $90,000 to $99,900 each.

We are not a LLC or a corporation we are two private individuals with over 30 years in real estate. Myself as mortgage professional from loan origination to convention underwriting. My associate background is a Real Estate Professional and former builder.

Currently the seller of the property is awaiting our response by Monday 04/02/2016.  We have our contractor viewing properties to determine if we are close to what we believe is the cost to rehab.

Look forward to hearing a response at  If there is someone that has this available, please state complete qualifications and terms that is needed to move forward.

Thank you Bill

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Hello Bill Denmark,

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Hi Bill

We maybe able to help you with this.  Please email me at or call me at 651-308-9780 and we can talk more on this.


Kay Vang-Thao

E-Funding Company


thought you will write me about the loan

Good Afternoon Darrel,

Sorry to have taken a while to reply.  What I am looking for is a Line of Credit to be able to purchase investment properties located Northeast Florida.  So many lenders and private lenders keep asking for more information even I say I am new to purchasing investment properties, I have no employment, my credit score is around 750 or above depending what is being viewed on FICO reports from Credit Card.  I try to keep up with my credit history.  My employment background has been in Residential Mortgage Underwriting; however, I grew tried of the corporate politics.  I am working with an agent, and we have view so many homes so far anywhere from the Mid-$30 to $150 range this is not including rehab funds.  My thought and my agent thoughts is obtaining a line of credit of $100,000 to $150,000 so if we do find that house we can go in as Cash Buyers especially with foreclosures.  So that is my situation, unemployed, 30 years of residential mortgage lender, credit score of 750 plus.  Is there any solutions to my situation.  Like a no doc, No Income type loan.  How soon do I did funds, not sure, if I can set up a line of credit would proceed now, if it a purchase loan, would be when and if I find something.   Thank you for responding,  Bill Denmark ---

How soon do you need the loan contact me on


 what you are looking for should not be that difficult, if you have not secured the financing as of yet shoot me an email I would just need the most recent tri merge credit report we can discuss in full will have a pre qualification either 24-72 hrs max , 

 If you have already found someone 

I wish you the best of luck


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