Funding can be one of the largest barriers to entry in the real estate business. I remember the very first time I walked into a lenders office and tried to discuss funding for my first apartment complex I wanted to buy. My experience (or lack of) was immediately brought to my attention not to mention my complete lack of liquid assets (NO CASH!)

That day was quite sobering as left that office although I was still determined to break into the real estate business. Which was a fortunate attitude seeing as I had quit my job as a pilot to go into real estate full time two weeks earlier.

What followed was the next 8 years of survival in the business and ultimately an almost 400 unit portfolio. I survived the Great Recession by mastering the techniques I now offer in my home study system. I can show you how to-

  1. How to get Creative Financing for real estate deals
  2. Use Master Lease Options
  3. Get Seller Financing
  4. Get Brokers to Find You Creative Deals
  5. Negotiate Creatively
  6. Much More

For more info go to and download my free report on Creative Financing!

Bill Ham

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