Creative business & commercial real estate funding available now!

Hello, my name is Bernard and I am a commercial real estate and business consultant and financier. We specialize in securing short term or long term real estate secured loans, for borrowers with good credit  or the challenged borrower. Our job is to analyze the borrowers strong and weak points and then try to tailor fit funding for each individual client's situation and project. Each client is treated with the understanding that their needs are unique and by listening to and understanding everyone's needs, we are able to see the vision the client has for their project and help them to achieve success in funding it.

We can provide funding for all types of commercial real estate with a closing time frame of 30-60 days depending on the project. (free initial consultation)

Business Funding

CPS can provide non-traditional business credit and funding solutions that can be used for Working Capital, Debt-Restructure, Business-Acquisition Equipment Purchases & Corporate Growth. We use both traditional and nontraditional credit criteria to determine rates which are decided on a deal by deal basis. Start-ups, Turn-around situations, companies in Chapter 11 and companies with little to no net worth that have accounts receivables less than 90 days old from credit worth customers will be considered.

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