By accelerating depreciation in accordance with IRS rulings, Cost Segregation will reduce income taxes an
average of $35 K for every $500 K in building cost basis owned. We have completed over 10,000 studies in
all 50 states for clients such as Wells-Fargo, Walgreen’s, Harley-Davidson, Holiday Inn, McDonalds, and many
others. We’ve done Studies for buildings with a cost basis from $300 K to $180 Million.
This is an Engineering specialty so most CPAs and Accountants do not do Cost Segregation. Some
accountants will move some building components into a faster depreciation schedule. However, our
Engineering-based Studies will typically find 50% more deductions for depreciation, saving the client tens of
thousands of dollars in taxes.
Contact me for a free estimate of your tax savings. Email me the following:
1) The year you acquired the property
2) Building acquisition cost plus improvements costs
3) What your property is used for (office building, retail etc.)

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