Conventional & Private Money-No Upfront Fees! Principles ONLY!

Conventional & Private Money
Check our many ways to serve your commercial needs.
Commercial Property
  • Very Low Rates
  • Very Fast Close
  • Most Property Types

    International Funding - $5,000,000 minimum
  • Construction and rehab
  • Commercial property - Any type
Joint Venture/Preferred Equity Program
  • Acquisition, Development, Construction & Rehab
(You bring the property & the know-how: We bring the money)
Business Loan Program (non-Real Estate based)
  • Business Acquisition & Development
  • Turnarounds
  • Technology Funding
Other Programs of Interest
  • Minerals, Mines, Energy Projects
  • Note Purchase, Securities, Fine Art
Document Needs List for Submission:
1 Executive Summary with business plan
2 Financing request with Itemized Use of Funds including lender exit strategy
3 Any existing reports or appraisals
4 Resumes of Principals 
5 Five year pro forma 
6 Aerial map or exact address or cross streets so we can identify on Google maps
NOTE: Borrowers often think asking for less will be easier to get. NOT TRUE! It is sometimes harder. Ask for what you need.
Please do not send: Site maps  Artist’s renditions Newspaper articles
Project Name 
Property Address  
Borrowing entity name  / Individual Guarantor(s)/Borrower(s)  
Property Type  Loan type: ground up construction or rehab/renovation
a) Total project cost 
b)Total Amount you can put in-includes amount already invested  
c) Equity amount also requested  
d) Total financing requested 
a) minus b) & c) should equal d)  ------------
Completed project value  Land:  Do you own the land?  If yes:  Date purchased  Original purchase price  
Estimated present value  Amount owed on land  If no  Land purchase price now
Present status of project 
Middle Credit Score(s) 
If in USA   Borrower liquid funds  Contact person for project:  Contact name 
Let us know if you have questions.

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