I have been contacted by one of my top associates and he has sent me his very large $Billion Dollar fund that have a lot of money to deploy,and below are the highlights,this is a Construction Fund rollout also available nationwide:
If you are a direct Principal Borrower or direct to the Principal only,then contact me and provide an Executive Summary of your project:
Don Carter

Subject: Term Sheets Goin Out From $1B Fund

I spoke to the fund representative today  and here are the highlights:

2 Funds a Billion in AUM needing to deploy capital Asap
USA only at this time
Debt available
Equity Available example ( We issued Term Sheet/ Credit Facility for $5M issued to a cell phone company. In return for debt & equity
Self Storage
Other Real Estate On case by case basis
Rates as low as 7% and equity as low as 20%
Commissions charged by facilitator  up to 3 points maybe more on a case by case basis. Your fees included in this breakdown please send nda.
$5M to $100M preferred
Turn Times for Term Sheet no later than 3 weeks
Turn Times To Fund 7 business days!

We will be presenting our deals to the board for review on Monday the 15th of August so please send us an executive summary if your deal would like to be put in front for review.

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