It is with most disappointment that I write this. I just don't want anyone else to get con.

I started a process of a consolidation loan with a Mr. Harvey Hawkins from NJ. Then again, who knows who he truly is. I 

He posted a website and when I called I was informed he has been impersonating them and has been reported to the FBI. Which I have as well done that.

I had to cancel the loan after been the victim of hurricane Irma. He was deceptive since the beginning and I didn't see it. When I ask for the refund he went missing. 

Then I contacted another one from this page for another deal and he wanted a list of my heirs.

At this point I'm sorry to say I don't trust anyone on this page. Now I try to search Harvey Hawkins (if that was his real name) and he's no longer here. Possibly because him and this website have been reported.

Is a shame, but I hope my example leads you elsewhere.


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