Walker Financial Consulting lends money for commercial real estate projects in all 50 states and Canada.  Loans from $5M-$150M and up to 75% LTV.  Please contact me if you have a project that needs funding:  dharter24@gmail.com.

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● GC / Development group looking for an EQUITY, Mezzanine or JV partner ●


20 plus deals, $25 million average deal size 

ALL jobs are new Multi-use Construction, backed by our team and JV offer. The business book is $500 million in total deal volume.

Proven sponsors- Hospitality, Senior Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled nurse care, Student Housing, Market Rate Apartments; All locations are in the US. 

Do you have a proven program? Looking for help to finish the capital stack? Remember all projects are new construction and most deals are

deficient in the capital stack. Broker’s welcome. 

Some deals may have senior debt under a construction to perm loan format but we would be willing to look at other debt programs if you have sources. 

Please contact me ASAP 

Grant Smereczynsky


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