We at Commercial Lending X can provide all Conventional, Private Financing and Hard Money loans.

Our sources include SBA, FHA, HUD, Insurance Loans,  Bond Issues, etc.

Besides Property Loans we can do  Lines of Credit, AR Financing, Equipment Loans,  Factoring as well as bank consulting.

We NEVER charge an upfront fee and we always put our clients best interests first.

Our latest product is a 25 year fixed loan for owner occupied commercial property up to 90% LTV.

Check us out and contact me with any Loan Scenarios or questions.

Jeff Nelson

Commercial Lending X

Phone     847-989-3248

Fax         630-230-4228



National Commercial Lending

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I am looking at a property that has a small office building  sells used cars  and adding a self storage business. 2 building are built and opening soon  I am interested in the self storage part of property business.  Can I get SBA loan to buy the property and assets if I run the self stoarge business.  Property asking price is $1.9 million.


I would look at selling the used buisness




Dave McLaughlin.


I'm looking for investors or lenders for the construction of a factory for the production of furniture in Ukraine.



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