Hi, which companies do commercial lending into Spanish market

3 areas

1. Real Estate development

2. Agriculture greenhouses

3. Solar energy financing

Please provide terms of business. Thank you, or email.

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America2030 a M&A company that specializes in funding for all types of projects . If we’re not able to fund it we have relationships with various lenders and brokers that will enable us to fund your project . We also specialize in crypto currency loans as well as stock loans . When others say no we will do what it takes needed to say yes to your funding needs Please feel free to contact me at charles@america2030.net or inbox me and we can further discuss 

We can help find funding- We are commercial Capital facilitators that work with several direct lenders, Merchant Banks, Hedge funds and are partnered with a broker that has access to Private Money. We can look at USA and International projects as long as we are in good standing with the Countries- No war zones.    Depending on the Project, Principals experience, amount of funding needed will determine if we can help.   Project principals must have skin in the game.  If we can help give us a call at 301-363-3465 or 240-674-7472 or Email us at Edward@JELCapital.com.

Edward, thank you, I understand

Typically how much "skin in the game" is required for lending in EU zones.

Have you financed in Spain before.

Principals are required to have at least 25-30% of their own capital to contribute.  Must also be liquid enough to make interest payments, closing cost, due diligence fees etc until stabilized.  No we have not financed anything in Spain before, however our Broker Partners have access to Private Capital and funds internationally.  If you want to send over a business plan/executive summary we can take a look at it and let you know if it's something we can assist you with.   Direct email me at Edward@JELCapital.com    Thanks


People are not going to pay Due Diligence fees for the lender.

Edward because there have been incidents in the past when lenders ran a business just doing due diligence fees and not lending money after these fees are paid.

Please email me your contact information and I will put together a small package.


Steven Rogovich      1-201-708-9912


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