Shopping around a commercial deal for a former client. It owner occupied. Its in Texas

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Please send a summary to  I am a private equity lender based in Stamford, Connecticut and I lend nationwide.  I look forward to reading the deal.

Best Regards,



Please email over a summary with pertinent information.  We are a brokerage, but we are very active in TX (I can show you our most recent closing ~2 weeks ago was in Houston), and have relationships with not only nationwide lenders, but also those regional and local to the TX market. 


Jared Rine

209 481 0514

Hi Derrell,

I am located in Houston, TX, I would like the opportunity to review the project to determine if we have a interest in the loan request. We offer conventional and hard money loans and we know Texas, you can also  give me a call to discuss.


John Broussard

Newbridge Investments

713-777-9996 Ext 103

Send over the executive summary for this deal. We are a brokerage firm that handle deals worldwide. 

send to


Kenneth Hollis

Evening Darrell,

Marc Simpson here with Peak Choice Capital based in Neenah, WI.Peak Choice Capital fills the gap and helps commercial clients achieve high level financing. We are changing the way business capital is achieved and we take pride in the way we have simplified the application process. (No broker chains involved) Our commercial finance is suited for self-employed and private borrowers that struggle with SBLA and typical bank regulations or need transaction done quickly.

LTV/LTC maximum 70%

Loans from $25,000 to $1,500,000 (minimum property value of $75,000)
Credit rating 600 min (650 credit Minimum Required over $500,000)
No hard credit pulls
Limited documentation required.
2-3 Weeks for a complete close. 
From 5 to 30 Year Fixed-No balloon
Feel free to contact us if your are still seeking financing.
Best regards,
Marc Simpson


International Investment banking group providing 100% funding either debt or equity or combination worldwide! We fund based on the project strength not LTV or LTC.   We are interested in the Energy, Technology, Mining, Real Estate and Business sectors. 30 year proven track record!  

We offer terms that are bank rate or better. No front fees. Principals must cover third party cost prior to closing. Our market is domestic and international. Replies private or contact me directly. We will need an executive summary with proforma or actual income statement for 3-5 years, use of funds statement and exit strategy showing timeline for repayment along with bio/resume of Principal and their team.

 We provide funding for the borrower’s capital request in the form of debt, equity or a combination and allow all documented expense and fees paid by the borrower to be stacked on top of the funds requested.  We can offer a moratorium on payments until the project is stabilized and cash flowing if the timeline to stabilization is reasonable.

 (The following remark is not intended to offend but stated because of so many request from those who believe that all cost can be paid from closing proceeds):

 “If there are no funds available to cover project cost and principals expects the lender to pay the necessary cost to determine if the project is lendable, close and fund the project and get their expenses from the loan proceeds then no one I know of can help you.”   I have 27 years experience in this industry and have never seen that happen with lenders in the US, Western Europe or anywhere else.

 Ron Coleman



I would love to have a look at this, Im a broker at Eastern Union. We work with over 50 lenders nationwide very closely, Im sure we can work this for you.Please send summary to 

I will not let you down, I will get you the best the market has to offer. 

If you would like me to give you a call first to discuss please email me your information, or you can feel free to try me at 732-730-7964.

Looking forward,

Leah Pollack

Loan Consultant Eastern Union


My  name is Felix and I am a Finance Specialist. We can help you.
Call my partner Courtney Lawrence and she will talk to you about  the kinds of funds we provide. Also go to our website. For any questions please  to hesitate to reach us.
Felix And Courtney Lawrence:
Phone:  (949) 777-5509 | Fax:   (949)  309-2731

Funding For Commercial Real Estate Deals Available!

Commercial Real Estate Funding Available - From 100K to 5MM. This Is For Projects Within U.S.A. Only! Property type: Multi Family, Mixed Use, Office Buildings, Churches, Gas Stations and Hotels/Motels etc.  Contact me through my e-mail –


We can deliver bank instruments BG,SBLC, MTN on lease in accordance with our working procedures which I will be glad to email you upon request and according to the approved verbiage of your receiving bank. We have a willing and able provider and we look forward to working with you.

Please advise asap.


Skype ID: mclease.combal

If you are still in need of commercial funding send me a brief scenario to

Hi Derrell,

Please contact me directly,


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