We are interested in all types of commercial real estate and alternative energy projects.

100% Joint Venture Equity Financing!!!! Funding for !!!! Commercial Land Development Loans!!!! Large-Scale Debt Financing!!! DIP Financing!!! Apartment Equity Participation!!!! Stock Loans!!! Commercial Bridge/HARD MONEY!!! Mezzanine Programs!!! Loans For Incoming Producing Property!!!!! Small Balance Financing!!! Non-Recourse Loans for Multi-Family & !!!!!

WE FINANCE... Golf Courses ~ Shopping Centers ~ Self-Storage Units ~ Multi-Family/Apartment Buildings ~ Construction ~ Office Buildings ~ Gas Stations ~ ~ Restaurants ~ Funeral Homes ~ Hotels/Motels ~ Hotel Resorts and Casinos ~ Mobile ~ Retail Stores ~ Car Washes ~ Automotive Services ~ Mixed-Use Buildings ~ Marinas ~ Retail ~ Shopping Malls ~ Raw Land ~ Bed & Breakfast ~ Assisted Living ~ Condotels ~ Parking Structures ~ Condominiums ~ Light Industrial & Warehouses ~ Other Income Producing Properties ~ Alternative energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass, waste conversion, etc.) ~ Medical/ dental ~ Public-use facilities ~ Infrastructure (highway, rail, bridges, roads, etc.) ~ Recreational facilities ~ Storage Facilities ~ Auto Dealerships ~ Oil & Gas ~ Alternative Energy

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Seeking funding for the purchase of warehouse in the region haute-garonne (france). We buy the property approximately 2/3 full, however, we at the same time rent the property to 100% of their capacity and want to monetize the value of the lease at the time of our purchase. Our original investment price is $ 250,000, however, the value of commercial property, to a ceiling of 8 and 10%. Still us just finding 90 and 100,000 dollars for closed the final purchase, which serra repay over 10 years. We seek to obtain financing on the basis of the assessment with the renewal of the lease in place. Please contact me for more details.



Jewana, if you need us, please keep us in mind, thanks.

100% For the Purchase 100% Rehab

 Rehab Mortgages ALL 50 STATES



Investor loans on 1 - 4 Family small apartment buildings.

LIEN POSITION: First mortgage only. 


6 months with monthly extensions up to 12 months.



Up to 100% of the purchase and rehab, subject to: (i) a minimum borrower funded reserve of 12.5% of the loan amount and prepaid interest for six months, and (ii) up to a maximum LTV of 65% of the After-Repaired-Value of the property.



Renovation in three draws, and wired directly to your account. Rehab portion of the loan typically not to exceed 100% of acquisition cost.


GUARANTEE: Personal guarantee required.


Investor Assessment Form

(For Each Loan)

Purchase Agreement

Summary of Rehab Work to be Completed

After-Repair-Value Appraisal (Obtained by Stanford)

Title Policy (Obtained by Stanford)

Stanford Deal Submission Form

Pictures of Rehab Property

Home Inspection

3 months of Bank Statements

2 years of Tax Returns

3 Most Recent Pay stubs

Signed 4506-T




Have a Powerful Day

George R. Mallory, VP of Finance

Direct:  917-653-5215

Fax:      917-210-2968

Email: georgeM@stanfordestatecapital.com

Website: https://www.stanfordestatecapital.com/

27 North Wacker Drive Suite 1121 Chicago IL 60606

Conference Line: 712-432-0360 Code: 1078921#


I would like to speak to you.  we also provide up to 100% financing both debt and equity for viable projects.  I have several we may can co-op if you are interested.  Most pressing is a $500MM hotel and casino in Vegas.  Please see below:

Up to 100% Project Funding Programs  

100% Debt capital

60% private lending and 40% private equity in the project.

NEPCO, INC  www.nepcoincus.ipage.com (temp website) is a ‘relationship first’ private worldwide commercial lender obtaining financing for our clients and their businesses. 




o   . $2 million - $500 million


o   Mid-Market Asset Based Funding -  Revenues $3 million-$100 million; Capital up to $50 million; accounts receivable, raw/finished inventory and machinery & equipment; Private or public; Service, manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade and distributor businesses in all sectors


o   Business Financing $200 thousand to $5 million; Low credit scores; Normally 10 day or less for funds


  • Funding worldwide - all regions
  • Paid only when Client is successfully funded
  • Process is simple, quick and fully transparent
  • Quick funding usually 30-45 days or less
  • We provide refund guarantee if project is not funded due to lender
  • Excellent rate and terms


We like Resorts, Hotel, Hospitality, Mixed Use Developments, Industrial, Shopping Centers, Malls, Retail, Office, Apartments, Assisted living, Healthcare, Student Housing, Self-storage, Manufacturing, Transportation, Acquisition/Construction Capital Restructure, Farm/Agriculture, Energy, Mining & Commodities and others on a case by case basis.


We will need:

1.      Executive summary/BP

2.      Proforma or actual statements (3-5 years preferably)

3.      Detailed use of funds

4.      Exit strategy


We believe that ‘the relationship’ is as important as the capital in allowing us to work together for a successful outcome. 

 NEPCO, INC – WORLDWIDE LENDING FOR PROJECTS AND ASSETS IN Energy, Commodities, Mining, Real Estate and Business Project Funding!  (770)-572-7765-ofc; (770) 807-0346-fax; nepcoinc@att.net   www.nepcoincus.ipage.com


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