We are interested in all types of commercial real estate and alternative energy projects.

100% Joint Venture Equity Financing
Funding for Low Income Housing
Commercial Land Development Loans
Large-Scale Debt Financing
DIP Financing
Apartment Equity Participation
Stock Loans
Commercial Bridge/Hard money
Mezzanine Programs
Loans For Incoming Producing Property
Small Balance Financing
Non-Recourse Loans for Multi-Family & Assisted Living

WE FINANCE... Golf Courses ~ Shopping Centers ~ Self-Storage Units ~ Multi-Family/Apartment Buildings ~
Construction ~ Office Buildings ~ Gas Stations ~ Refinance ~ Restaurants ~ Funeral Homes ~ Hotels/Motels ~ Hotel Resorts
and Casinos ~ Mobile ~ Retail Stores ~ Car Washes ~ Automotive Services ~ Mixed-Use Buildings ~ Marinas ~ Retail ~
Shopping Malls ~ Raw Land ~ Bed & Breakfast ~ Assisted Living ~ Condotels ~ Parking Structures ~ Condominiums ~ Light
Industrial & Warehouses ~ Other Income Producing Properties ~ Alternative energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro,
biomass, waste conversion, etc.) ~ Medical/ dental ~ Public-use facilities ~ Infrastructure (highway, rail, bridges, roads, etc.)
~ Recreational facilities ~ Storage Facilities ~ Auto Dealerships ~ Oil & Gas ~ Alternative Energy

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Seeking funding for the purchase of warehouse in the region haute-garonne (france). We buy the property approximately 2/3 full, however, we at the same time rent the property to 100% of their capacity and want to monetize the value of the lease at the time of our purchase. Our original investment price is $ 250,000, however, the value of commercial property, to a ceiling of 8 and 10%. Still us just finding 90 and 100,000 dollars for closed the final purchase, which serra repay over 10 years. We seek to obtain financing on the basis of the assessment with the renewal of the lease in place. Please contact me for more details.




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