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         Request for commercial financing with high LTV (min 85%) flex funding...mixed-use property with existing structures Near Center of town in CT...Cost $2.6M   Property would repurpose into Retail with Residential above, self storage and Child care. Property under contract seller looking to close fairly quickly...Will consider SBA. Executive Summary available.. No Up Front Fees

Thank you in advance for your response



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DavidAllenCapital Registerd Broker

Below is some info on what we can do. Please let me know when we can start on your project.

Loan Type:
• Bridge/Acquisition loan
• Land loan
• Construction loan
• Land servicing loan
• Inventory loan
• Revolvers & term loans Asset class
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• Office
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• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Hotel
• Student Housing
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Terms & conditions: up to 20 years
Amortization: Interest only

Property Locations: Primary urban markets across Canada, USA and Caribbean

Hello, Mr. Wilson.  We have fully-licensed nationwide preferred lenders who are specifically focused on mixed-use property funding right now.  Your scenario is one that we could get closed and funded quickly.  As our ads on this site confirm, we do not charge upfront fees and we do not get paid unless you receive your funding from our lenders.  I sent you a Friend message with my direct phone number.


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