It continues to amaze me, how so many investors do not realize the outstanding potential of investing in apartment complexes. Consider this: When you purchase a  residential property, (single family home, example: 3-bed,1-bath, ranch style 1200 sq.ft) in today's market. Depending on where you live or buy. Here is what the breakdown would normally be: purchase price: $65,000, repair costs: $12,000, resale & closing costs: 6% broker fees-$3900 , 3% closing costs-$ 1950,bringing a total spent to: $82,850. 

When you take all of your costs out of your selling price of: $125,000. You walk away from the deal with a profit of $42,150. Now, if you think that sounds great consider this.

Here is a sweet commercial apartment deal we recently did:


The property needs less than $125,000 in updates. It produces a gross income before costs of: $905,650. With a Net Income of : $515,450 per year. Even after your monthly debt service. that averages out to :$42,954 per month, with no personal management needed, (professionally done) and all you do is collect checks! Now you tell me, which makes more sense to you?

We specialize in locating these deals all across the country! If you are an investor, that wants to get much more than what your stock,bank accounts, or residential investments are doing for you. Consider commercial apartment investing, as your ticket to financial freedom!

Contact our office, if you desire to talk about getting access to discounted deals, which are straight from the national banks at pennies on the dollar. WE MAKE SERIOUS MONEY! YOU CAN TOO!!

Lets talk about how you can get there fast!

AYL-Success REI Group



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