CASH Term Loans for W2 Employees - Nationwide....from $20k to $400k

If you are a W2 Employee making at least $30k per year and a 660+ FICO, then please see below:

$20,000-$400,000+. The cash may be used for any purpose, business or personal. There is no lien placed on the subject property.

Funding can be obtained in as quick as 10 business days from submission of Application and Documentation.

The qualifications are:

*Minimum 660 Credit Score.
*Minimum of 3 established credit lines (one auto or mortgage)
*No more than 6 inquiries in the last year
*No more than 30% credit usage
*Any Bankruptcy must be 2 years old
*No new credit less than 6 months old
*W2 hourly/salary employee with min. $30,000 annual income

Have not applied for new credit in the last 6 months
No new Credit in the last 6 months


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