Does anyone know Helen Burton from this company? Is it real or a scam? They are giving me a loan but wants $345 in advance for me to pay. Is there a company in the real estate finance that anyone has heard of by this name. I am wandering. Can someone let me know. If not i want to report so the manager or CEO can investigate. There # is 1-714-598-3224 and address is 510 Beach Boulevard, Anaheim, Ca. 92804. I will check BBB but it would be good for the Real Estate finance to also check for the good of the company members. Thanks a bunch

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Haven't even heard of the company. I'm unaware of any true lending company who doesn't have a website (I couldn't find one after a very quick google search) Cant you just call the company to ask if she works there? Tell them you will put it in escrow and that you need an invoice for any service charges and that the fee will be paid at closing.

I have done something with those people; it's legit but they sure request for fees, some in cash while some to an account, some are refundable while others are not. I paid about $3450 when I went to Helen

What country are you in?  I say no matter what you say, That anyone who charges upfront fees is NOT a legit lender.  They tried to charge me for an appraisal which is fine but when I said I would pay the appraiser directly, they refused and tried to tell me they already paid the appraisal and wanted me to pay them directly.  I knew then they were scammers.  They say there from CA. but I think they just have a forwarding address & phone in CA.  There somewhere overseas.    Thanks Dale McCoy

I'm in the US, Florida to be specific. I am not commenting on here to convince you, I am doing so because I have done business with Helen Burton and I say it is not a scam that's all.

Kenneth do you know Helen Burton at your office? Iwould like to apply for loan. What can you do if i have a guarantor with a 780 middle score. My is not enough. What are terms and rate for a $75000 loan? Thanks and reply to
Did you get my e-mail i sent to you. My e-mail is Helen burton keeps wanting fees after fees then will give loan. I thought it was all done at same time. Enlighten me if i got it wrong and i will call cusomer affairs dept. thanks

I think it's a scam, they are trying to charge me $915.- upfront fee.  But I refused to pay it.  Then the deal died.  Thanks Dale McCoy

I got funded by Capital Bunch. I only got to pay for the expenses for the loan and I had to pay for the expenses before they funded my business. It is not a scam.

Mr. Vancini, what exactly did Capital Bunch fund for you?

My real estate business... they helped me acquire a home for flip

What fees or costs did were required before the loan closed?  \What specific costs were there to close the loan?

A few things related to the loan. What, I should list them on here?


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