Can anyone help finance an apartment complex in the US? I’m in Winnipeg Canada and we’re buying a US apartment.

We also want to buy it and fix it or make changes and refinancing out as much equity as possible after. So refi after 1 year or so. What are current rates, amm, LTV, etc.


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It depends upon whether you want a fast bridge or a perm .

Bridge figure 10.5% +/-, 12 months, interest only, 70%LTV +/-, 2 week close . Faster if you've got your docs ready.

Long term loan, figure par plus around 200-300 basis points, 70% LTV +/- can close quickly but probably 2-4 weeks unless again you've got your docs ready and there are no unforseen problems. If we need an appraisal then it might be a wait. 

info@michaellewisgroup.com  440-637-5646

Just did 2 deals for a seasoned investor in Calgary who purchased in the States. Feel free to to contact me at 804-357-8633 or admin@stranixcapital.com


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