Hello to all:

I am an investor located in Connecticut in need of a GAP Lender that can provide funding to be used in the initial purchase of single family homes.

Thank you.

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Are these Investment Properties or do you plan on occupying them? Or are you wholesaling properties and trying to purchase some and flip on the same day?

Mr. Starr,

These are investment properties, Fix/Flip opportunities I have no intention of occupying any of the properties mentioned here, also I am not a wholesaler nor do I use wholesaling as a means of obtaining capital to purchase my properties.

I tried wholesaling in the past but could not get it to work, it took to much of my time and energy with nothing to show for my efforts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Hello Kevin Rizzo , 

       What project are you currently working on and your financial flow is getting complicated. Let us help you with business planning by supporting you with the cash needed to finish up the projects. 
More information will be send to you 
Email: michael.cashamericaloan@gmail.com
Thank you 
Mr Michael 

Mr. Thomas,

I do not currently have any projects in progress at this time, I am in need of funding that can be used in the initial purchase process of distressed single family homes to cover all of the following costs:

1% to secure P/S Agreements

10%  - 20% down payment, to secure project funding with lender

Secure Builders Risk/Liability insurance

Monthly holding costs for property, payments to lender and Builders risk insurance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin Rizzo

E: creillc@comcast.net


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