Is a 6-7% return acceptable to a family office? 
What if those returns were tied to rental property backed mortgage notes? 
What if there were an additional buy-back guarantee offered by the originating lender?

We have over $100 Million of low LTV, performing mortgage notes. Please let me know if you would be interested in discussing a business relationship.

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Charles - Does this mean you want to look at funding our Notes?  Or are you just advertising on my post??

I can send you a summary and proposal.  What is your email address?

Hello Kevin,   my name is michael,  I'm a member of the real estate finance group,    I   have buyers,  

let's get in touch,  to discuss  business,     the  buyers are ready to discuss  buying  your notes

one by one,  or possible  bulk  packages,     reply  here,  and  or  my email

and or  give me a call  at your convenience  at my home office  at  215-969-0827    or  my cell phone

at  215-539-9138

thank you  



Hello  Kevin,   my name is michael,  I'm a member here on the real estate finance group, 

yes,  I'm interested in  discussing a  business  relationship,   my  buyers are on  standby,  ready to  see

what you have,   and they are prepared to buy  and do business  on  a steady basis,

when you get the chance,  send me an email  to

and my home office phone is 215-969-0827,   my  cell phone is   215-539-9138

thank you and have a great day 


Hello  Kevin,   what's  the best way to get in touch with you,    email,  phone,  or  here

I have discussed  your performing  notes,  with  my buyers,    we  are  ready  to do  business


I  have  multiple  buyers,  on the  standby,       waiting to hear  from  me,  and  I'm  waiting to here from you


my  email  is      my  office  is  215-969-0827     cell phone  215-539-9138


they  may need for you  to  fill out a  form,   to  proceed, or 855-327-1991

Hello  Kevin,  in  order  for  me to send you a direct  message,   I  have  sent you  a  friend  request

you'll  need  to  accept  the  friend  request,    so  we can  proceed to  do  business,  to  facilitate

a  deal  to  buy  the  performing  notes  your are  offering


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