Business Owners/Entrepreneurs don't take weekends off - Neither does our 100% Lender – Apply Now for 100% Financing for Worldwide Commercial Funding now!

Apply Now for 100% Worldwide Commercial Funding  at or Email for application forms

 The Sinking Fund Debt Financing Program offers UP TO 100% FINANCING

  • ANY INDUSTRY (except films/movies, and US real estate - real estate in other countries is acceptable)
  • $20 million USD (minimum) to $20 Billion USD
  • Interest rates average from 4.5% - 5.5% annually
  • Interest-only payments for 10 years
  • NO PROFIT SHARING or giving up of company equity
  • 2% Proof of Liquid Funds required at Submission
  • THIRD PARTY ESCROW used for all payments and fees are refunded to client in full if the loan is not funded
  • ESCROW AMOUNT AND ALL FEES AND COSTS CAN USUALLY BE ADDED INTO THE LOAN AMOUNT so at funding the client would receive more than 100% financing

For example, on a $100 Million USD loan, over 10 years the client would ONLY pay $45 Million USD - $55 million USD!

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