Loans/lines of credit, credit repair, corporate build outs and trade lines.

I am not selling any programs ( this is  a real service) any program that you purchase is for learning purposes and you are working on a trial and error system. I am providing financing and financing related services only  and my post clearly states that I get paid by "performance". You can't get any more  risk free than that!!!!! No funding no pay, but you have to be careful with that as well. You can get a company that will run up the inquires and completely take you out of the game and only time or money will be able to correct that inquiry issue.

Now that we have covered those topics, let's get to the meat and potatoes. I offer no fee up front, but this is a 2 way street, in order for me to provide you funding in that manner; there are certain things that have to be in place on your end and you have to be funding ready.

If you have a strong corporation that has been built out and can stand on it's own, funding will not be a problem. If the corporation has not been built out to stand on it's own, you will need a strong credit signatory . If  you or a member/officer of the corp doesn't have the 700 credit scores, you can always take on a credit partner( which I have several vendors, that offer that service) with that being said ( there would be a fee for that service) because you are not conducting business on your own legs, but using another entity to help you reach your financial goals and risk equals money in this business.

I also offer personal loans/lines of credit ( no credit cards, but liquid cash) you need a very strong 690 score(with solid trade lines)at that score, but with 700 scores, we can get up to 400k ( takes 5 to 6 business days on average) to get funding. "No upfront fee" I get paid after performance! and those monies can be used for any reason, build out your corp expansion etc.

We can also build out a existing Corporation or build one out, with Dun & Brad, Experian business credit and Equifax commercial credit, Full financials and projections etc., and post up to 4 million in trade lines to the corporation( real trade lines) not vendor lines. This will allow you to get funding on your own dime or we can get the funding for you respectfully. The funding portion of the transaction , doesn't require any up front monies" I get paid for performance" but the build out would cost you, up front. (21 to 30 days for the build out)


We also sell Corporations that are ready to go with bank accounts, credit cards, lines of credit and are funding ready, but those are not cheap, because the money is being placed in your lap. The way it works is we  charge a percentage of what the company is worth in credit and liquid cash. We leverage the corporation and you move forward on the fast track.

I also offer credit repair and trade lines for clients that want to stand on their own and not use a credit partner, but have credit issues. This is very cost effective , in comparison to using a credit partner. This in not the old ways of sending in letters and requesting removal. My cleaning ranges from 14 to 30 days, depending on the number of accounts on the credit report. Our trade lines are real in house, trade lines, not farmed out, so we know our lines will post and when they post, we are also the only company operating in trade lines, that I know of  that has a  surety bond on our trade lines. Why, because we know they post! ( This service requires a fee up front, but we are the most inexpensive in the business)

If you have fair credit and , just need a little boost to your score, we can add one line or a small package deal, that will not hurt your pocket and allows you to get funding and grow your business.

I hope this has cleared up any questions you may have Kiambu, as I have done, what one no on this site has done, since I have been a member and that is lay everything out on the table in black and white, so that there is no hidden terms.



I wish you all the best in reaching your financial goals.


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Do You do loans in Europe?( private Co. looking to buy buses - Loan for approx.15 Mil. Euros)

my contact: Stan Olech,,   519-280-0402


Stan Olech

Hello Stan, thank you for the email, to answer your questions, I do have international funding available. Can you email me a summary/overview of the funding requirements and details of the usage of the funds and I will get the ball rolling.




Please contact me about your financing. I have summary and business plan available.

Kimberly Parker

Hello Kimberly, I will contact you shortly to discuss your needs, we can help without any problems. I have programs that go as low as 500 credit scores, which is my bread and butter in this current financial crunch. No worries. Here is my website, that also has the required forms and details of my many loan programs.



Hello Darren

I am seeking $75,000 to bridge the gape for two loans we have for our project.  We have a 5m bridge loan in place and we have the approval for a 6m permanent loan which is a 25yr mortgage at 5%.  We are 75k short on the fees and broker fees.  The loan will only be needed for approximately 60 days until the refi is complete. If you are able to help with this please email me at or here.  We have a very short window to get this finished.

Thank you


Frank, thank you for your interest, can you forward me the full details and complete the forms on my website and email back to me, I will get the ball rolling. We can have this rapped up within 2 weeks, no worries, I can assist you. My programs go to 500 credit scores.

Here is the website:



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


We are a land development companies in Cyprus.


We are plans for 7 apartments and 4 luxury homes.


Need funding EUR 1 400 000.


Please if you can work with us ,


Please contact,

Hello I hope all is well, I just replied to your email address Please review the response and contact me via the email address on the response and we can proceed from that point.



Hello Darren,

I would like to request for your loan criteria. You may send the materials to

Thank you!


PMB International :: We Match Great Deals With Great Funding

Hey Butch,

This is really unprofessional, posting your business on my business post.  Work your own business and not build on mine.  If this is your work ethic to intercept my propects, this appears to be a reflection on your character and I would not be interested in working with someone like you.

Please do not advertise your business on my posts.


Darren Lynch

I have a commercial property that I would like to refinance. Please send me documents or what documents you need from me.

     My e-mail address:


Thank you




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