My Company is looking for about 40K in funding to use for 6 months or less.  I have an investment property that I am purchasing on 8/28/14 and I need about an additional 40K in order to cover all the costs related to purchasing and renovations.  I currently have $30,000 of my own capital to put into the deal and need about 40K more in order to use this program.  The property that I am acquiring has an acquisition and renovation total of about $290,000 and will re-sell for $405,000, so there is over $100,000 in equity in this property.  My 3 credit scores are 725, 735, 735.

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I sent you a 100% Purchase & Rehab Funding program to your email on 8/16. You have the scores. Take a look at it and give me a call. 225.304.2634


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