Business Lines of credit is available 685 credit score and your approved

The following is the criteria for the business line of credit program:

1. Need FICO scores of 685 and above
2. The lender will approve the client for 5-7 times the amount of the largest credit limit on credit report
3. Utilization of each credit card on credit report needs to be 30% or less
4. Can't have judgments, foreclosures, tax liens or bankruptcies........a limited number of derogs are okay
5. Program is strictly based on personal credit........but credit line(s) will not report to credit will report on business credit profile, if the client has it established for their business 
6. Lender will charge 9% after client receives credit line(s) 
7. We can remove inquiries if its an issue
8. Terms: 0% first 6-12 months.......3-7% interest afterwards
9. No minimum revenue.....No minimum yrs in business.....
10.  Funding is in the format of Bank Cards......lender will issue convenience checks
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