By way of introduction, we are a group of highly skilled professionals, with several decades of experience in our own specialty fields as, banking, finance, investments, global trade, real estate, developments and more, based in Athens, Greece, with affiliates and representatives globally.


We are currently seeking bona-fide buyers, investors, lenders and developers for prime properties, that we have been solely entrusted to handle in all of Greece mostly but not limited to surrounding areas of Athens and its gold coast in Attica but in the European Union, the U.S.A. and Asia as well.


We offer actual whole islands, hotels, unique prime lands for development, private use or commercial, and select businesses, with some priced at 30% - 50% less than current market value and even up to 70% or more.


Whether you are an investor, lender or developer, or have clients that are and looking for truly unprecedented opportunities for growth and profits in these fields, we invite and are open to partnerships, joint ventures, funds for purchases and or development of same.


Please feel free to inquire, while keeping in mind that only serious proposals will be entertained and as time is of the absolute essence, priorities will be strictly observed, thank you for your understanding.


Awaiting your proposals and comments




Yours truly

Constantinos D. Tsoutsos Partners & Associates




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