Business/Home Loan For Veteran with a great job and a dream.

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Please read all. Thank you for all your time and consideration in my request.
Ingenious Techs LLC
Business is IT focused mainly on providing a cheaper solution for all the IT needs of local, state, and government entities, agencys, and organizations. 
Services are as follows but not limited to:
All computer related diagnostic, repair, software, and hardware issues.
All cell phones(Android and iOS) diagnostic, repair, flashing of cell providers, customization, rooting, unlocking, etc..
All gaming console(PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, Wii, Handheld systems, etc..) diagnostic, repair, modding, customization, etc... Includes controllers, etc..
All TV(LCD, HDTV, LED, etc..) diagnostic, repair, home entertainment customization, etc..
All commercial and residential wireless and wired network installation, diagnostic, setup, terminate cat6, cat6 drops, etc..
If any of my services can utilize remote access of the customers computer, I can do some of my services on their device or the computer itself through their computer. Example: If the customer has hi-speed internet access, I can then instruct them on plugging their device into the computer and provide assistance remotely without physically being there. Most of my services will be computer based, so alot of services can be provided remotely.
Yes, alot of businesses off my services, but the won't be offering them at my prices. I love what I do, so my prices will be set to gain the competitions business, whether it be state and government contracts or local business IT subcontracts.
I plan to advertise a nationwide "price-match" guarantee and offer "incentives" to attract customers fast. Example: 25% for elderly and Veterans of the Armed Services.
The reason for the funding is to get employees and business locations to start.
I am going to be registered with eVA as a vendor to be able to bid on the statewide contracts and solicit my services to the state. Virginia is the only state to utilize a "app" for this.
I will be a Veteran-Owned business and have the SWaM Certification which will highlight my business as preferred over all others.(I get first choice)
I have MUCH MORE in store for my business and alot more ideas.
I am seeking any funding, the more I get the more I can expand and put my name out there to attract potential customers. I am a IT Guru. Internet extraordinaire.  
Also looking for a home loan to get my own house. 
I have a endless list of personal and professional references.

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I can pre-qualify you for a mortgage whenever you're ready. How's your credit? Do you know your score?


My credit is pretty bad. I know all 3 scores and I will disclose them to you if you send me an email to 

Thank you very much sir for your time.


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