I own ,and operate a growing IT Cloud consulting business,,and I am looking for business funding consolidate business debt,and continue to grow my business.

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Hello Terry Swanlund:

Are you seeking for a private lender to urgently fund your deals, projects or business?

My company (SFC) is currently looking forward to lend money for any deals concerning income producing commercial or residential properties.

Do you have a bad credit? People with low credit rating are also eligible.

Scott Financial Corporation can help you secure a loan with interest as low as 5%.

100% funding with minimum documentation, funding as fast as 72 hours after approval.

* Deal sizes up to $15 Million
* Rates as low as 3-4% both home and over seas.
* 10-30 year terms
* Broker friendly
* Closing typically in under 2-5 working days.
* We also do the following loans: Rehab, Construction, Completion, Conversion etc.

Specific terms depend on the deal in question.

We are very flexible, we would be happy to receive an Executive Summary of your project to see if you have any Viable

project we can finance and partner together by making financial investment in form of soft loans.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you to discuss your loan scenarios.

Best Regards,
Linda Scott (Ms)
Senior Loan Officer,
Scott Financial Corporation.
(717) 884-9572
Email Address: scottfincorporation@aol.com


We are a unique loan brokerage who is passionate about

helping small businesses to get the working capital they

need to grow. We work with a group of alternative lenders

who offer same day approval and single page application

with an approval rate of 78%. 

Please contact me on klitaba@gmail.com


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