Business and Real estate Start up and expansion financing

Up to 100% of project cost nationwide and select international markets

Instead of looking for a private investor that may demand a high percentage of ownership in the project or a high rate of return for their investment capital including common issues that plagues common partnerships, Structured finance products like Capital Syndication and Family of Funds Credit Lines offer capitalization at .5% - 2% cash out of pocket prior to funding with 2 -5% at funding
Funds up to 100% of project cost  (not finance related cost) and 80% of operating value on qualified project which includes acquisitions, construction, expansions
and business startup for aviation, land or sea transportation, senior care  and living, anything medical, manufacturing, new technology projects, Multifamily and industrial. Even churches. Finance range $500,000 - $750 million.

contact Jay at 405-793-9704 or

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