Im offering the opportunity to Bridge fund on an acquisition loan. We need 100k for 9 months. Closing is in one week. Any interest, please contact me. We are seasoned investors and this property is in a very desirable area of Washington, DC

Thank you 

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Hello Dee,

My name is Jorge Gomez with Patch of Land. We are a real estate debt crowdfunding firm. We provide short term interest only loans for projects just like the one you are doing now. We can close in 7 days and are transparent lenders. You can visit our website to learn more about how we work and see the deals we have funded in the past. 

Email me at and we can set up a time to talk. 



Do you have a lender you're working with? If you haven't then please send us a much detailed scenario. We are direct lenders and would be glad to take a look at your deal.

Thank you,


Contact: Our Web

Hey Dee what are you acquiring and and what is the purchase price?

Chris Cambridge

What are the major factors against your loan but we can provide the loan at No Upfront fees and Low interest rate irrespective of your Credit score,Write Tom on for details


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