These people are the biggest scan  I knew this from the get go & never sent them a penny   I went along with what they were asking for to see were it ended up   Everytime he asked for a fee so he can wire the funds i told him no problem  I will give your fees to my attorney to put in an escrow account  Once i receive the funds i will tell my attorney to release the fees from the escrow account   At 1 point i even started laughing at myself at how desperate these people are until they finally realized that they would never see a penny from me   Be smart people when dealing with Lenders   Also  we need to clean this site up from all this scum    It is really getting out of hand for all of us who are looking to do business

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 On about February 2014 I provided Gabriel Freeman with approximately $5000.00 to establish a credit line for my LLC.  The last time he provided me with an update was in June of 2014.  He has ignored all of my emails and calls.  I am in the process of taking legal actions against him.  DO NOT send him any money.  I will provide proof to anyone that requests it. RUN.  


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