Beverly Hills - Estate Development - Seek Development Financing

$18.0M Upper Beverly Hills Estate Development (Mulholland) 90210 - Estate Development 

Target:  Build new Modern- 15,000 SF Estate on Large Rare View Site - 1- 3/4 acre (70,000 SF) -  Acquired 16 years ago. DTE: 45%  

Comparison Estate - Recently completed - Across street Neighbor: $25M for 10,000 SF  -  



Buildout BH Estate - Total SF 15,000 (includes accessory buildings)

Post development:  Proj. ARV: $18M - Total Proj. Debt: $8M - Current SF:15,000 

Current: ARV $6.5M - Debt: $3M loan ($1.2M/ $1.8M Sec.): Current SF: 6,000 

Plans: Complete 1 month - Permits within 3 months. 

Project Length: 24 Months - Top designers and Architects. 

Current Expenditure 2016 : $800K expensed on property- (full backup avail.)

Selling Price Prior to Development - Permit Ready: $10M. 


Seek: Direct lenders with Construction Financing and low rates. 

1. Replacement Financing for $3.0M (First and Second Mtg). 24 months.

2. Seek Construction Financing - $5.0M - 18-24 months 

3.  First Lender only please - Competitive rates/points only. - include interest payments

Please contact Nic at (website:



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Hello, we fund in all 50 states, up to 100% of the investment property purchase on a 70% ARV at a rate of 9%, funded in 10 days and you can refinance with us at a rate of 4% for 10 years to 15 years fixed or ARM, loan size $50,000 to $5M, no advance fees. Please contact me: George Mallory, underwriter, (917) 653-5215, email: website:


Closed Loans that was 100% finance


Manhattan, New York, NY $4,500,000 hard money to perm loan use for construction of 12 condominium units

Manhattan, New York, NY $4,000,000 hard money for construction of 20,000 square feet mixed used building

Queens, New York $1,512,000 for construction of a five-unit condominium

Morristown, NJ $118,000 purchase and $20,000 rehab of a two-family short sale investment, 100% for the purchase, 70% ARV, refinance into a rental property at a 4% rate, current value $393,000.

Chicago, Northside Lake Front, IL $3,500,000 loan to acquire a 180-unit apartments 4 stores mixed used building

Chicago, Southside, IL $105,000 hard money to perm purchase and rehab of a 6-unit multifamily property, ARV $308,000

Macon, GA $249,000 for a real estate wholesaler to purchase and rehab two-story single family into a rental

Denver, CO $154,000 REO purchase for a two-family property

Reno, NV $304,000 purchase and rehab of a four-family rental

I have one of my top direct funders that have informed me that they are looking to fund quality projects for the New Year.They will fund Real Estate,Business ,Medical and IT projects in all 50 states for direct Principal Borrowers.

I am a facilitator and direct to the VP for their Structured Financing and they provide up to 95% financing,and up to 100% financing for Construction/Renovation nationwide for Equity share,and payments can be deferred until profitable.They also provide JV/Venture Capital,Business Lines of Credit,and Commercial financing.
Loan amounts are from $5MM to $100MM+,and they can fund  in at least 30 days,and it can be longer depending on the full cooperation of the borrower.
The principal borrower will need Good Equity and or ROI and if your projects meets these initial parameters,then contact me,also i have our loan application that i also will send to be filled out and returned to me.
Don Carter


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