My Term Sheet developed when we found a niche in the industry. As a top originator at Eastern Union Funding I saw that for my clients with loan needs below 1 million there was no strong company to service them right and see to it that they received the best rate, and so My Term Sheet was founded.

A sister company to Eastern Union Funding. A company servicing small loan investors or those larger who go direct.
Instead of borrowing direct or going through the process with a broker, My Term Sheet will send your request to our arsenal of many lenders, and then provide you with a clear spreadsheet of the lenders that are interested and what they are offering. You can then take whichever offer fits you right and either go direct to the bank yourself or if you use a broker you can show the offers to your broker to compete on.
My Term Sheet is offering this service for a flat rate of just $500. Aditionally, If you decide to use a broker after you start the process we can refer you to a broker at Eastern and the $500 fee you laid out will be reimbursed and be paid toward the closing costs.
My Term Sheet is a better way to go direct and to save you all of the headaches and confusion involved in finding the right lender, the BEST rate out there, and most important, to save you money on closing costs.

Please feel free to email or call with any questions or to see what we can do together.

Leah Pollack Sr. Vice President
My Term Sheet
Tel:  (732) 301-3929
Cell: (929)-230-1859

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We have a property that the ARV is 145k and we owe 125k to our lenders.  The property has been fully rehabbed.  We would like to refi with a long term loan in order to rent/lease to own the property.  Would this be something you could help with?   Please email me at

I sent you email to


Do you do loans in Oregon state ? respond to

Sure we do.  What type of property do you need a loan for?  

Be in touch.

 It  would  be  a   motel   may be  two   in La Grand Oregon  and the other is  in Pendlenton  Oregon

 It  would  be  a   motel   may be  two   in La Grand Oregon  and the other is  in Pendlenton  Oregon


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