Anyone lend in the Bahamas? $13mm cashout, private island, exit plan to sell, use of funds is to payoff other family members, in one family for 3 generations, US Cititzens.

Current Appraisal available.

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Hi There :

Please send your project Executive Summary and Business Plan to David Lee Email : for our immediate perusal.

David Lee

Investment  1 To 4 Family property Financing

Purchase up to 85% LTV

Re-Fi Cashout up to 80% LTV

Rehab Financing up to 100% LTC

600 Minimum Credit Score


Joint Venture, Partnership and Debt Collateral Financing Program Minimum US$ 5 Million – No Maximum

Financing for almost anything, nationwide and international, provided the collateral is:

  1. (1)  lawful

  2. (2)  Can be securitized 

  3. (3) United States Dollars/Euros

    (US$5,000,000 or €5,000,000.) *

  4. Loans against Standby Letters of Credit and bank instruments   must own the instrument  

The Collateral:

This collateral may be, but is not limited to:

  • Automobiles, trucks, aircraft, ships, yachts, and boats.

  • Heavy equipment.

  • Oil or gas wells / fields.

  • Virtually any type of securities, Notes, lawsuits, settlements, tax credits and any credit-

    worthy legalcontracts.

  • Purchase Order financing including factoring.

  • Import and export – buying or selling - receivables.

  • Financing of any credit-worthy contracts.

  • Gold, silver, copper, nickel, platinum, and diamonds – traded commodities. (No gemstones, rubies,


  • Select commercial real estate – ask about our Bridge Loan Program that is specifically for Commercial

    Real Estate

    We also provide SBLC/LC/BG, POF, via SWIFTs, as required, with this Program. Term: A minimum term of 12 months, with a prepayment penalty of 6 months.

    Structure may be simple debt, equity, mezzanine, preferred return, partnership, joint venture, or other structure that fits the transaction. Start-ups, with the appropriate collateral, may be acceptable.

    Interest rates, Lender points, partnership shares are all transaction-dependent and are based on the specific transaction involved.

    Tranaction size must be greater than US$10 million – there is no maximum.

    *Liquidation Value: If the commodity is not publicly traded, the liquidation value is defined as the price for which the collateral can be sold, on the open market, after marketing for SIX (6) months.

This is the minimum of what we need, via email as attachments, as each applies, digitally only:

1. Transaction Name – you select the name of the transaction, use company/collateral/property or the location, which Name we will use fromtoday onwards, so we can track the transaction. It cannot be generic. This name-specific “label” will not change.

2. The Transaction – business plan and/or business purpose, investment/loan amount, term, proposed LTV, preferred closing date, drop-dead dates, other significant issues. (Just a pretty brochure is not sufficient)

3. The Collateral – type of collateral, location (include address), quality/condition, year originally purchased and for howmuch, bank/vault location, plus all significant issues.

4. Five-year P&L Proforma, annual only – raw in Excel 5. Sources & Uses of Funds schedule- raw in Excel

All Sources must be listed, and totals must reconcile.

6. Purchase and Sale Agreement if funds are for a purchase, (attach a copy)

7. No more than six color photos showing collateral – perhaps exterior and interior.

8. Summary information on the Company, and the key principals involved. Prior experience is a requirement.

9. If completed, 3rd party reports. If not completed, do not order now!
We will not accept a web-based data rooms at this stage. We will not click on a link. Documents

Must be submitted via email as attachments. ALL spreadsheets must be in raw excel. Pretty .pdf brochures alone are not sufficient.
Questions or Comments? Email is the best method to get a quick answer.


Telephone and Text Number:

(541) 515-0666 

Websites: and


Real Estate Qualification Form - Click Here

We offer all loans to interested persons from any country for any purpose. Contact us through this email if you need a loan or have anyone who need.


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