Requested funding for construction

and or for end client mortgages

Possibilities for Joint Venture

Long Island, Bahamas.

CBRE land valuation (free of debt) value 8.75 million

Infrastructure just under 1 million.

Please be in touch if you finance in Caribbean, and your terms of business.

If you are interested in JV, also be in touch.

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This sounds like a good fit for our loan program. We provide 100% LTC, non recourse, no prepay penalty, 3.1% fixed and deferred during construction. I can send you more information on our program if you are interested. Email me at

Will send you an email


We just closed a loan on Abaco for $5.1 million on an estate on the island. We have a company setup to fund in the Bahamas as stipulated by law. Contact me directly to discuss this loan. We are known as land lenders all over the U.S. and a good part of the world.

Jeffrey Silver
Senior Loan Officer

Kennedy Funding Financial, LLC
930 Sylvan Ave.
Suite 110
Englewood Cliffs, NJ  07632
Tel: 201-342-8500
Skype ID: jeff-silver1

Hi Jeff, will send you a mail

On hold until Mid May, two principles want to met and discuss.

We have Direct Funding Source, Debt & Equity Funding. With No Upfront Fees.

Send your email address at

About us go to:

Have emailed you Daniel, thx

Hello Darren,

Thanks for emailing me, I need your email address to send you detail of our program.

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Stated Income, Stated assets, No income verification and no credit, no prepay penalty. 100% financing. Very competitive closing. No Maximum loan amount!!

Commercial , Residential or Construction in any country as long as they are friendly with the US.


Harold we are always looking for new products please send more details.

Really don't understand why any lender would offer this type of loan but look forward to learning more.

Terry May


We are currently financing several Caribbean projects.  Can you provide a summary of the deal?  Thanks,

Paul Wolfson


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