I am the CEO of National Mortgage Processing, and we are a Contract Processing Company that specializes in helping Commercial Brokers Grow by Processing their loans. 

2020 Brings New Beginnings and Opportunities for Commercial Brokers & Lenders!

 The Secret Recipe to Making $$: The Only Way to Grow-You Must Let Go!! 

      We are a Full Service Processing Company for Commercial Brokers 

  1. Do not waste time finding Lenders - NMP Can Place the Loans for You
  2. We have experienced Commercial Processors - each 10+ yrs experience 
  3. Streamlined Processes that allow Brokers & Lenders to Grow & Make $$$ 

We have connected with Lenders to build an arsenal of connections for Funding. We even have direct access for immediate decision engines with Lenders - This Is a Game Changer for the Industry!!

1. Commercial Brokers - Let us help you improve your portfolio and make you more $$

 2. Lenders - Team up with NMP to Change the Commercial Lending Experience!!

Lenders are frustrated on the lack of efficiency when it comes to Brokers trying to close their own loans - Make your lending experience better by letting NMP save your Lender Relationships - And Make You More Money Faster! 

Kim Williams

240-696-3628 Office



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