ATTENTION: REAL ESTATE INVESTORS! Up-to 100% FINANCING for Real Estate Investments - All 50 US States - $200K to $2M USD – Brokers Welcome!

Apply NOW for up-to-100% Financing for your US real estate investments! This may be used to fund up to 100% of both the purchase and renovation costs!


• Available in all 50 states
• Loan sizes of $200K to $2 million
• You or a partner must have a Credit Score of at least 670 to qualify for the 100% financing. 

Don't have a 670 Score? There are still attractive fix and flip funding options available. No cost or obligation to learn more!

These are NOT joint venture or equity sharing programs. YOU keep all of the project's equity! 

Looking to do something other than a fix and flip deal? With a credit score of 670 you may qualify for Long-Term, Unsecured financing. No Income or Asset Documentation required!

Just send an EMAIL to to receive all the details and to learn how to get started. Make sure you mention “Up-to-100% Fix and Flip Financing” so we know which program you are inquiring about

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My company’s name is Immaculate Investments which was originally JWS Services, Inc. when it was originated in 2005 in Beaumont, Texas. My company was strictly a fix and flip company and I have been successful in completing multiple flips until 2008 when I went through a divorce and had to restructure my life. I also used a hard money lender, Investor Lending Services, which ended up closing down, but when I was with the company I was the most successful investors in the Beaumont/Port Arthur/Groves/Orange (Golden Triangle) area. I am now looking to get back into the house flipping business and I am looking for Investors that are looking for quick, guaranteed returns from an experienced house flipper. If interested I have the documents to back up my work and will show that my flips were repaired quick with quality work and afterwards were appraised way above market value and were still sold quickly! Right now is a perfect time to buy in the Golden Triangle and Houston area due to a lot of great houses being on the market due to Hurricane Harvey. People are even looking for help to get their houses fixed and get a mortgage on them to get back in them due to them being paid off but they had no flood insurance. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you soon! 

Hello Jameica Garrison,

Do you still need the loan?? 

Hello Patrick,

I am active in two specific areas of RE investing business. The first being the Fix and Flip market and the second being the acquisition of revenue producing commercial real estate with some level of equity to the extent that it would be considered a deal. currently I am interested in two properties One is an Assistant Living Facility and the other is a 92 unit apartment. Both represent low risk investments as they are currently able to cover the mortgages. As such, I am seeking some Bridge or Long term transactional financing which I would then payback after I refinance. 

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