Attention Developers! No Debt-No Equity Funding Program!

  • $1.5M will fund projects from $10M up to $50M
  • $2M will fund projects from $51M up to $80M
  • $3M will fund projects from $81M up to $150M
  • $4M will fund projects from $151M up to $500M

Available Worldwide for most types of projects of $10M USD and higher..

To add additional security to any investor’s investment, our Funding Source will carry general liability and professional liability insurance up to the investment amount by each investor,(up to $10M USD) via a Lloyds of London insurance policy, in which the Investor/Client will be named as beneficiary.

Our Funding Source operates under policies of strict due diligence and accepted processes in compliance with applicable regulations and international law to ensure the highest levels of integrity, security and transparency in all transactions they engage.

Developers/Investors will receive funding on a monthly basis until the full amount agreed upon for the project has been reached. Additionally, the full initial investment amount will be Refunded on the last draw.

At the end of the contract, the Developer/Investor walks away with a 100% Project Funded, with No Debt, No Equity given-up and with No New Partners!

Our Funding Source is a Privately held Investment Company (Not a Lender!) founded in 2009 and is based here in the USA.

Our Funding Source is registered (in good standing) in the state of Nevada and also maintains its registration with the United Stated Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Regulation D pooled investment fund.


Most of the other similar investment opportunities like ours, are not even registered with the SEC. Highly unlikely that if there is no funding, that they will refund your money….

Furthermore, our Principal is an active member of Special Forces with the United States Department of Defense, and works closely with Homeland Security, FBI and Secret Service. With our source you won’t have to worry about losing your money or about dealing with unscrupulous scammers that will disappear once you make an investment.


About the Types of Projects that are welcome:


·All Types of Energy Projects
·Oil and Gas Projects
·Multi Family Projects
·Senior Living Facilities
·Student Living Facilities
·Medical Office Facilities
·Warehouse/Self Storage
·Hospitality Related Projects
·Office/Retail/Mixed Use
·Stadium Projects
·And many more...


The Minimum Funding Request is $10M USD for projects around the world.


Please keep in mind that our source is Not a Lender!

If you are looking for a Conventional Loan, our services are not for you.

Our Services do Require Liquidity of at least $1.5M from the Developers/Investors in order to be considered for a No Debt, No Equity, 100% Free & Clear Project Funding.

If there is no cash readily available to enter the program, please do not ask for any typical funding options.

Our Source doesn’t want any Equity on any Project nor will consider anything else that is not exactly as explained on this posting.


If interested, please contact me at: If you do e-mail me, please write on the Subject Line of the e-mail the following: “No Debt-No Equity Funding Program”.

Please Do Not e-mail me any Files pertaining to the Project right off the bat!

We will need to first talk things over to make sure we are not wasting our time.

Then, if all checks fine, we will start asking for the proper documentation to proceed.

Thank You!

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