Our loans include but not limited to the following:

Permanent/Fixed Rate Financing, Floating-Rate Financing, Bridge/Renovation Financing, Mezzanine/Preferred Equity Financing, Joint Venture Equity, Construction Financing, Private Money.

For all of the following properties:

Multi-Family/Apartments, Retail, Office - Class A, B, C, D properties, Industrial/Self Storage
Class A, B, C and D Properties, Hotel (hospitality), Owner/User - Class A, B, C, D Properties, Special Use - auto repair, gas station, church, car wash, hospital, urgent care, golf course, marinas and more, Land - commercial and residential development, farms, recreational and more

For more details, please contact me via email: hardmoneyloans4you@gmail.com

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Yes, I have a project in Northern California.....how an I contact you ?


Ted, you can call me on Monday at (626) 786-3207, please have as much details about the project as possible and I will do what I can to help you with the funding.

Thank you

Get your loan with no Upfront Fees, you would have the privilege to deal directly with private lenders that provide short and/or long term loans that you want. These loan programs are used to finance your Project/Business/Properties and we close loan within 5 days max.

For more details and inquiry contact:

Robert Clarkson

Email: robclax007@gmail.com

Phone Number: (978) 276-9538

Can you call me tomorrow to discuss the details? Again, if this requires a credit score above 600 then I would not qualify.


What type of loan are you looking for? How much money does your project need? Are you the borrower or a corporation?

If you have an executive summary, please forward it to me and I will review with my underwriter.

Thank you


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