We do personal loans, business loans, project loans , Mortgage loans , Housing loans of any amount . we will solve all your problems like , No Income Proof , No Bank
Statement , cheque bounce statement , Impossible & Rejected cases etc.
If you need any of the above loan at a very affordable interest rate, then contact us via our customer care email address at

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We have a SF F And F to purchase for $65k needs addition 1 bedroom expense $90k with ARV of $280-$300k conservative. Will consider JV as well.  Can you help?

I have a sf housing project $65k to purchase 90k Expenses that has a conservative ARV of $270K that I need 100% funding, will consider 

How if I am here in the Philippines?

Hello Jennifer,

  Distance is not an issue, the loan can still be financed, kindly contact the email address given on our post for further correspondence.

Hi my name is Charles Smith and I am looking for funding in acquiring an apartment complex in Iowa, can you help.


 Thanks for contacting us. Yes,we can help you with your loan request but before we can grant your loan request,i would quickly want you to get back with the following details below:
1. How much do you need for the loan
2. Name of employer
3. For how long have you been working with your current employer
4. Your country of origin
5. How credit worthy are you to payback the loan if granted
6. How long do you want to payback the loan if also granted
7. How much do you receive as salary per month

Please send details to:

If your answers are satisfactory,you will then get an instant qualification for the loan,right?

Please i await your timely response to the above questions

Mr.Paul Ranjit

Hello,  I am a Canadian, with a business structure set up in the US for the purpose of investing in the US real estate market.  I currently have 8 properties in my portfolio, all cash deals.  I would like to find a lender willing to finance them for me; my next goal is to expand my portfolio to include one or two small to mid-size commercial projects after that.  Can you help?  Details and documentation available.  What I will tell you now is all the properties are well located, managed, maintained and cash flowing.  Please respond directly to my business email -

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sept 10,2012

Ms. Cooper hello.

Would you please send me you requirements.


Adrian Haid/Founder and CEO

Flagship Fitness, Inc.

Phone: 612-963-3281

Seeking funding for the purchase of warehouse in the region haute-garonne (france). We buy the property approximately 2/3 full, however, we at the same time rent the property to 100% of their capacity and want to monetize the value of the lease at the time of our purchase. Our original investment price is $ 250,000, however, the value of commercial property, to a ceiling of 8 and 10%. Still us just finding 90 and 100,000 dollars for closed the final purchase, which serra repay over 10 years. We seek to obtain financing on the basis of the assessment with the renewal of the lease in place. Please contact me for more details.


Good Afternoon,

I am looking for financing for the below scenario. Would you have an interest in the following? Please let me know if you can be of assistance.

1. Property located in OKC, OK.
2. Two multis totaling 30 units.
3. Appraised value of $1,000,000
4. Sales price of $900,000
5. Down payment of $100,000
6. Loan amount $800,000
7. Good value play. DSCR of 1.42 with above figures.
8. Personal FICO of 680
9. Requesting short term 1-2 years, 30 year amortization
10. Will refi prior to term expiration

Thank you,

Ed Franklin
Northwest Capital Services, LLC
'Business & Commercial Loan Specialists'
P (509) 994-3230, M-F, 8-5, PT
F (509) 695-1160

I need funding for a 40 Unit central Florida. 100% occupied with guarantee monthly income via HAP.  Need cash out financing 850K......ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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