Any rep/ direct lender here with direct private equity investors?

Portfolio Project which needs equity investors.Not a value add play.  NOT interested a private capital raise. Min 3 year  investment term . Deal has to stand on its own. Let me know

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I offer wide range of loans, my service is fast and due at a very low and minimum rate of 5% to suit your needs.

We have a few Equity Investment groups to choose from. Feel free to reach out. 

Respectfully Yours,
Jonathan Casillas

Zenith Commercial Capital President 
(919) 901-0872

We have unveiled a very competitive construction loan for experienced builders. No need to question x,y, or z.
This is a very serious offer here. 6% Interest for those above 640 Credit. If credit is below 640 we are looking at a higher interest rate. My fee sheet is attached for 1% .
Feel free to correspond with any questions. See Attached application. Limited States so far. 12 Months and 24 Months are available. 
California, Colorado, NY, CT, NC, NJ, Florida, Oregon, Utah, Texas, and Washington.
6% Interest 12-24 Months
Loan Amounts 400k and up 
Max Exposure Per Developer 15MM


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