Rickward group international financial investment company located in Brazil . I received the following email from this person when posting for a JV Partner or Private Lender:

Good day,
  We are a reputable, legitimate and accredited international financial investment company .
 We are ready to grant you loan for this deal.
Please tell us the total amount of money you needed as a loan so that we can send you loan terms.
We wait your reply.
Alex Ken

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I have had negociations with Alex. He gave me names and  contact information of someone I spoke to  which  seemed to prove he was legit BUT he asked for a prepayment before he gives the loan.....NEVER prepay any fees for ANY loans. All fees should be taken from the dispersal of the loan amount or with the payments, as in interest.


Thank you for your reply. Thought it was too good..

It looks very similar to another fraud company in Brazil I had contacts with a week ago. They will probably ask for up front money to "pay their government" for rights to do business outside of the country. Dont pay any up front money.

Thank you.. Any suggestions on where I can get funding for a fix & flip?

BEWARE   Perry Morgan does the same thing they call it a registration fee before you get the loan,I asked for 8ook,they informed me {after }i sent bank details about the loan .They claim to be in the uk london,market the man on the phone had heavy african accent..BEWARE

scam scam scam

sounds very much like this guy.   Just a different name  (they have many!)



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